The Rules of Golf

All Members of the Junior Tyson Tour must follow the rules set down by the RCGA. Any local rules that are observed by the individual clubs must also be adhered to.

  • While on the golf course, all Junior Tyson Tour Members will...........

    1. Adhere to the dress code
    2. Demonstrate respect for volunteers, tournament officials and the host course
    3. Strictly adhere to the Rules of Golf & Code of Conduct
    4. Not throw clubs or use abusive language
    5. Not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs
    6. Will not demonstrate any other conduct not becoming a member of the Junior Tyson Tour

  • Entry Deadlines

    All tournament applications must be received at least 7 days in advance, from the date of the tournament. After the closing date on line you must call the golf course the event will be played at to ask if there are spots still available.

  • Rain Out Policy

    If a round is non-completed and cannot finish due to Inclimate weather, there will be no refund, you will receive lunch and a Proshop Gift or Voucher. Points will be awarded on an average of number of players in each Division. If the Event is not played due to poor weather then refunds will be given out.

  • Dress Code

    Proper golf attire is required at all Junior Tyson Tour events. Failure to comply with the dress code will result in disqualification from that event.
    The Junior Tyson Tour dress code prohibits tank tops, T-Shirts and blue jeans. In addition, all headgear must be worn properly, and all shirts must be tucked in. Golf shirts may have a mock neck, turtle neck, or the traditional collar. Short shorts are prohibited.

  • Cheating Policy

    Cheating is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate and indefinite suspension from the Junior Tyson Tour.

  • Penalties

    The Junior Tyson Tour Officials may assess any or all of the following penalties based on the severity of the Code of Conduct violation.
    1. Issue a written letter of warning to any of, the player, their parents, or officials at their home club.
    2.. Disqualify the player from the tournament at which the violation occurs.
    3. Disqualify the player from future Junior Tyson Tour tournaments.
    4. Suspend the players Junior Tyson Tour membership indefinitely.

    In the event of a suspension, both the player and their parents/guardian will be required to submit a written account of the Code of Conduct violation to the Junior Tyson Tour Board of Directors within 15 days of the violation. They may be required to attend a meeting with the Tour Officials. The Board of Directors will review all submitted materials, including the
    tournament officials account of the incident, and the determine the length of the suspension.

  • No-Show Policy

    In the event a member fails to notify the host club of a tournament withdrawal and is a "NO SHOW", the following actions will be taken:
    First Offense: Paid fees are retained by the JTT.
    Second Offense: Player relinquishes entry and fees into the next event in which they are registered.
    Third Offense: Player will not be allowed to compete in any remaining events for the season and relinquishes all paid tournament entry fees.

  • Withdrawal Procedure and Refunds

    No refunds for tournament registration fees after June 15th.

  • Tournament Walk - On's

    Walk - on's at Junior Tyson Tour events are strictly prohibited. Each event will fill empty spots with members from their
    waiting lists. If you do not get into an event and you are further down the waiting list, you will not be playing.

  • Points
    Points are given for each Regular Season Tyson Tour event. You must play in a minimum of 3 (Three) Tyson Tour events in order to qualify for the year-end Tour Championship. The top 6 players and ties in the Junior, Juvenile and Bantam divisions will qualify for the Tour Championship. The top three girls and ties will qualify for the Tour Championship. The Overall Junior Tyson Tour Champion will come from the Junior Division.

    The Overall Tyson Tour winner and all age division winners will be determined by the players with the highest point totals of their best 3 Regular Season Events plus the points they earn in the Tour Championship.

    Regular Season Tyson Tour Points
    1st place - 50 points
    2nd place - 49 points
    3rd place - 48 points
    4th place - 47 points
    15th place and beyond will receive 35 points
        *If there is a tie for a placing, points will be split.*

    Tour Championship Points
    1st Place - 10 points
    2nd Place - 8 points
    3rd Place - 7 points
    4th Place - 6 points
    5th Place - 5 points
    6th Place - 4 points

  • Divisions
    All ages are as of August 31st of this year

    Juniors age 16, 17 & 18
    Juveniles age 14 & 15
    Bantams age 10, 11, 12 & 13
    Girls age 10-18

  • Spectators

    Parents, friends or caddies are not permitted to follow players or be on the golf course during tournament play.